• September 17, 2014
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Post Series: Bakers Blitz

Bakers SA Limited – A New Dimension of Personalised Customer Service

Bakers was founded upon the principles of sincere customer relations and on-going, never ending service improvement. We understand that careful attention to customer service is the key to building a sustainable world-class company, one that sets us apart from our competition. It therefore comes as no surprise that we promote customer service as the cornerstone of our business, and the principle that drives key decisions within our company.

“We invest strategically in human resources and training to shift into a new dimension of personalized service offerings,” says Bakers Chief Executive, Abdool Tayob. “It’s a non-negotiable approach. That’s it!” To maintain exceptional customer relations, Bakers has built a solid knowledge foundation from which to draw customer insights. We listen to our customers, proactively engage with them, and monitor key performance indicators in order to drive continuous improvement.

As a result, our response times to unexpected situations and requests are fast and efficient, keeping pace with the changing needs of our customers as well as with broader changes in the economy, technology and society in general. We provide accurate and regular updates on delivery progress, thereby guaranteeing our customers’ peace of mind. Our reliable resources, staff, infrastructure and key performance indicators monitored over long periods of time add to the overall Bakers experience our customers enjoy.

 “At Bakers, we focus on superior service as top priority, over and above profitability.”

Through hard work and excellent customer service, we have acquired and maintained high profile FMCG and white goods customers. These customers have commended Bakers on seamless and well-managed changeover processes that have resulted in little or no disruption to customers’ business. Bakers reward has been the renewal of its single-service provider status, as well as a 4-year-contract with a major FMCG group. Customers have also commended Bakers on its flexibility, excellent communication systems, efficiency, and ability to keep up with the rapid growth of customer needs. Our customer-centric approach, responsive management, as well as our commitment to quality in product handling, delivery lead-times and back-office processes have sealed our growing reputation as a logistics provider that is dedicated to adding value to our customers’ companies.

Our efforts are consistently being recognised by encouraging customer feedback:

 “I have been in business with Bakers for well over 16 years, and Bakers have grown in all aspects of the business, and I am truly honoured to work with such a logistics service provider. My sincere thanks to the directors and staff for ensuring excellent standards at all times. As service provider of a unique high standard, can only become if not already a world leader. “

–        Ravi S. Chetty

 With our vision and mission at the forefront of everything we do,  we preserve the personal touch that sets us apart from the rest of the logistics field.

Customers can rest assured that we provide the best quality service. Call us at 033 846 2700 or send an email to marketing@bakerstransport.co.za to arrange a presentation.

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