• September 5, 2014
  • News
Post Series: Bakers Blitz

Bakers SA Limited celebrated the launch of its flagship depot in Cape Town last month, after construction commenced just over a year ago

Bakers saw the potential to cater for their expanding fleet and on-site services in the Western Cape, with the state-of-the-art facility situated in Sheffield Business Park against the backdrop of open fields and the iconic mountain range.

The initial plan for the operation was to create a small facility to cater for an efficient workable solution in the Western Cape. However, the project soon expanded after being treated as an opportunity to create an easier, more controlled system for the linehaul fleet, as well as bring in cost savings. “We estimate rough savings of approximately R100 000 per month which we will use for the running costs of the depot,” explained Bakers SA Limited CE, Abdool Tayob, at the opening of the facility. “We have close to 150 linehaul trucks per week in Cape Town and plan to increase to 200 or more within the next 24 months.” The development of this facility also served as an opportunity to fulfill Bakers’ belief in corporate responsibility, as the building taskforce largely consisted of underprivileged individuals from the surrounding areas. This provided Bakers with a chance to assist individuals in acquiring beneficial artisanal skills. The facility also created an opportunity for long-term employment, as the number of employees at the Western Cape branch stands at 38 – a number that will surely increase as the planned strategies to ‘expand infrastructure’ and maintain ‘world class value’ are in place.

The second phase of expanding the facility has already begun with additional warehousing capabilities the next area of focus.