The skilled workforce at Bakers is our most valuable asset, with a business management system that empowers employees to work smarter, inspires stability and encourages uniformity and improvement.

The senior management team at Bakers have many years’ experience within the industry, most of whom have been with the organisation for more than a decade. Top achievers are rewarded with performance driven incentive programmes, in order to sustain a high level of productivity, with the motto ‘a better life for all’.

Following the principle of ‘first who, then what’, we’ve adopted a proactive approach to ensuring that the right people in the right positions receive all the necessary skill development and training. Drivers are employed directly and trained, tested and evaluated in accordance with the performance rating system.


Human Capital Initiatives

Our aim is to become the employer of choice and attract the best skills in the industry. Bakers also promote a healthy lifestyle for employees and have introduced an onsite fitness and wellness program

To ensure the comfort and safety of our drivers, Bakers has invested in developing properties in Harrismith and Colesberg as truck stops, fully equipped with sleeping quarters, showers and dining areas.

Bakers is developing our administrative and operational employees further to enhance the quality of our human capital, using the Aboobaker Suleman Training Academy, named in honour of the founder, Mr AS Tayob. The Academy is headed by a Training Committee based at the head office.

Our driver training is based on principles of the Advanced Driving programme presented by the Mercedes-Benz Driver Training Academy. The focus on the Mercedes-Benz Actros driving philosophy is designed to assist drivers to reach their potential in the application of their vehicle, which means your precious cargo is in safe hands. Driver incentives are in place for performance based ratings towards and internal Driver of the Year award.

In partnership with the Transport, Education and Training Authority (TETA), we have also initiated a driver learnership programme to develop and improve skills for the unemployed in our community.

All individuals are paid during training, with specific minimum requirements as an entry level for each job; ensuring potential employees are able to complete their courses. After training, eight out of ten individuals will have a job at Bakers and will receive refresher courses throughout their years of employment to test competency and create responsible operators to ensure the safety of all road users. For others, the training opens up a world of opportunity for securing employment in other organisations