ISO 9001:2008

In its quest for continuous improvement to sustain excellent levels of service, Bakers took on the quality challenge and was certified ISO 9001 : 2008 compliant on November 7, 2011 by TUV Rheinland (Bakers is the Largest  Multi-Site  ISO 9001:2008 Certified Logistics Company with TUV Rheinland). To date Bakers have maintained its year on year certified status



Real-Time Tracking

Bakers has invested in cutting-edge technology in order to provide customer specific solutions. To  achieve this, our fleet is managed and monitored by enhanced telematic solutions that provide real-time  tracking, diagnostics and monitoring 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Data feedback is used to ensure that units are optimising operational performance and asset utilisation.


Bakers has also implemented planning and operational software, which automatically routes deliveries  aimed at reducing kilometers traveled, saving time and ensuring most fuel efficient journeys traveled.  Other software implementations include a warehouse management system, which operates by scanning manufacturer barcodes of the product on to the system, creating a serialised inventory management  system and providing bulk order status updates by load.

Tracking Reports

Live data links enable us to track locations whilst passive information is assessed to guide the  implementation of operational improvements. Our internal administrative computer network, procedures  and policies provide an integrated solution for our focus on efficient, accurate and effective service  delivery. Clients are given access to tracking reports for their consignments. PODs are stored  electronically on an FTP site which clients can readily access at any time.

On-Board Cameras

On-Board Cameras

Close affiliation with our fleet management company and a real time tracking centre ensures that we  know where all customer consignments are at any given moment in time. Some vehicles have been  fitted with on board cameras with live streaming to a closely monitored media centre, ensuring the safety of our staff and customer consignments while on route.


BEE Level
Black Owned
Preferential Procurement Status


Community upliftment with a focus on providing the under-privileged with access to education is at the heart of our CSI programme. Operating under The Shortts Retreat Charitable fund a number of projects have been successfully implemented and sustained in adherence with our CSI policy.

Bakers has been integral in the establishment of education centres and schools across KwaZulu-Natal. We hold CSI initiatives in high regard, as was done previously by Mr Baker. Apart from the normal business trade we consider this as a core element of Bakers. Mr Tayob, is a true philanthropist, and has a natural character of giving back. One of our core values vested in corporate social investment is assisting with the social needs of the surrounding disadvantaged communities.


The Mpopomeni School situated in Mshengani, Howick, Pietermaritzburg was built for the Mpopomeni township in 2006. Since its construction it has been furnished and maintained by Bakers. This initiative also includes the provision of uniforms, books and a feeding programme which are core essentials for students. The school currently houses a sufficient number of classrooms to cater for Grades R to Grades 9.

Through the success of the Mpopomeni initiative, Bakers undertook the building of a second school in 2008. Situated 40km out of Underberg, and a further 20 km into a rural village. This school receives the same benefits as its predeccessor, accomodating learners from Grade R to Grade 7. Due to the harsh winters experienced in these areas food hampers and blankets are distributed to these communities annually.


Enterprise Development Initiative

Bakers has embarked largely on EDI to assist in the development of small enterprises to be self sufficient. This in turn has successfully created employment due to the success and growth of these enterprises.

Green Initiative


At Bakers, we are aware of the impact the logistics industry has on the environment and have incorporated our green initiatives into our corporate strategy, with ongoing assessment to ensure that we continuously reduce our carbon footprint. The trucking industry’s carbon footprint is nothing new to Bakers SA Limited – we fitted aerokits to our vehicles long before the rest of the SA trucking industry realised the benefits and fuel savings inherent in using them.

Another project has been the importation of three ‘blue efficient’ Atego vehicles. These were further ‘greened’ by the local fitment of a specialised body and full aerodynamics.

98% of the Bakers fleet has technically advanced Euro 3 engines to ensure that minimum emission standards are achieved, and we are now moving towards Euro 5 with further reductions in emissions.

Other initiatives to reuse, reduce and recycle have been adopted at all sites.