Bakers S.A. Limited is one of the country’s leading independent logistics companies that has grown into a large and successful organisation with an enviable service record.

Our service is based on helping our clients achieve their logistics goals by providing an exceptional service that contributes added value, at a fair market rate.

We are widely regarded as an employee orientated company, employing more than 1600 individuals in 17 locations throughout South Africa and operating a fleet of over 600 vehicles. As such, we are fortunate enough to attract specialists of a high calibre with valuable experience, allowing us to provide effective and seamless end-to-end supply chain solutions.

17Locations Throughout SA
600+Vehicle Fleet

Vision and Mission

Our vision is to build a world-class logistics company that is the benchmark of our industry. We endeavour to create an environment whereby all stakeholders maximise the benefit they receive from associating with our brand.

Our mission is to hold the status within the South African logistics industry as the organisation that contributes the most value to customer supply chain requirements. We are driven to achieve this by implementing smart, sustainable and cost-effective solutions with a strong focus on quality.

Our Core Values


A dedication to serving our customers and one another in the best possible manner.


Our conduct at all times, and with all people, must be honest, trustworthy, respectful and professional.


We seek to improve our company and ourselves at all times in all facets of our behaviour and practice.


We endeavour to ensure that our professional conduct is world class at all times.

Strategic Intent

Our strategic focus on implementing best-practice principles guides our daily activity of achieving identifiable and critical success factors that add value to our service delivery and keep us aligned to our mission and vision.

Our current infrastructure accommodates continuous growth, with a 90/10 split between contractual and ad-hoc capacity.

Our primary target market includes but is not limited to, blue-chip clients with medium-to-long-term contracts within the White and Brown Goods, FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) and Packaging industries.

Containerised Cargo

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