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Discover Black Swan Thinking with Bakers S.A. Limited.

What Is Black Swan Thinking?

The Black Swan Thinking initiative was conceived by Group Strategic Planning Executive, Paul Dorrian, who drew his inspiration from Nassim Nicholas Taleb’s Black Swan theory or theory of Black Swan events.

The theory stems from the discovery of black swans in the wild in 1697, at a time when the conventional wisdom of the day was that all swans were white.

The black swan, therefore, became a metaphor to describe an event or occurrence that deviates from or beyond what is normally expected in an environment, but is one that can have a ground-breaking impact, yet seems quite obvious in hindsight.

The Black Swan theory typically identifies that the occurrence of a “Black Swan event” has three common factors attached to it:

The occurrence is a rarity

The occurrence has extreme impact

The occurrence seems obvious in retrospect

“We were looking for a way to reposition Bakers within our strategic ambitions, given not only what it is we have to offer, but also our exemplary track record. Our objective has been to create a massive and positive impact on the manner in which we do business, as well as taking our company to a new level. Black Swan Thinking is helping us to achieve this, and to chip away at a belief that exists in the market that only a small group of select logistics providers (what we term ‘White Swans’) possess the capability to manage extensive logistics requirements.”

– Paul Dorrian

How Is Black Swan Thinking Being Applied To Bakers

The Black Swan theory holds certain resonance with our journey as a transport and logistics provider in South Africa, evolving from a relatively unknown brand into a respected player in the industry, displaying an excellent track record and results that have positively impacted our clients’ businesses.

Bakers feel that Black Swan Thinking can change the way both the company and the market thinks – by looking beyond the status quo and above the normal – with the aim of innovating and having far-reaching effects on what can be done together.

We are excited to be rolling out a new strategic marketing campaign that will reflect this thinking in the months to come. Keep your eyes peeled for more on Black Swan Thinking.

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